Mediterra Realtors: Why Should You Hire These Professionals?

With a lot of information readily available on the internet, many people often wonder, “Why should we work with realtors?” These wonders are rightfully so if they could not purchase or sell their home through the internet or advertising channel and regular marketing without proper representation by a real estate agent. Some people do, which is OKAY, but many do not. If you have been wondering the same thing, here are some reasons why you might want to hire Mediterra Naples realtor if you are looking to buy or sell your home.

1. Education and Experience

One reason why you should hire Mediterra realtors is that you do not need to know every aspect of selling and buying real estate if you hire real estate professionals who do. It has often been said that once you hire an individual who is smarter than you in a specific niche, it is enough proof that you are smarter than them. The basic trick is to find the right person for the job. In most cases, they will all cost you roughly the same. Why then shouldn’t you hire an individual with more education and experience in the real estate niche that you? We are all in search of more precious time in our life and hiring professional realtors could give us all that time.

2. Realtors are Buffers

Mediterra realtors will take the spam out of those endless property visits and showings. If you often deal with the purchase of new homes, your realtor will whip out their sword and keep all your builder’s agents away, protecting you from their constant nipping and biting. And if you are a seller, your chosen agent will filter all the phone calls coming from lookie-loos and make all attempts to induce serious buyers to write their offers immediately.

3. Neighborhood Knowledge

If you have never been to or lived in the Mediterra area, the chances are that you know very little about the neighborhood and you might find it challenging to maneuver the real estate market. This is where a realtor comes in. These professionals either have intimate knowledge or are aware of where they can find the industry buzz about the neighborhood you choose. These agents can identify multiple comparable sales and share these facts with you, besides pointing you in a direction you can find useful data on crime, demographics or schools. For instance, you might have seen on an internet listing that a condo down the street was going for $400,000 but a realtor will know that it underwent some upgrades and was sold at $315,000 after two months on the market.

4. Price Guidance

Unlike what many people believe, agents do not choose prices for buyers or sellers. However, a realtor could help guide you to make the right choice for yourself. If an apartment listing is at 6%, for instance, a realtor has a 6% vested interest in this sale, but the client bears a 94% interest. A realtor will ask the buyer to weight all data provided to them and select a price. And based on the prevailing market conditions, demand, and market supply, the realtor will come up with a negotiation strategy.

5. Information About Market Conditions

A realtor can disclose all prevailing Mediterra condos for sale conditions which will go a long way in governing your buying or selling process. Numerous factors will determine how you move ahead with the process. Data like the average and median sales prices, average cost per square foot, rations of the list-to-sold prices could have a great bearing on what you decide to do. If it is your first time exploring the real estate market, you will probably not have information about the market conditions and driving forces of the industry thus a professional would come in handy.

6. Professional Networking

Realtors often network with professionals in other fields, most of whom offer services that you might need when buying or selling any real estate. Because of legal liability, a majority of real estate agents will be quite hesitant to recommend a specific company or individual over another but are aware of the vendors who have a good reputation for competitive pricing, efficiency, and competency. Realtors can, however, provide you with a list of references with whom they have networked and can provide crucial background information which could help you make the right decision.

7. Confidentiality and Negotiation Skills

Some of the top producing realtors negotiate well because, unlike a majority of sellers and buyers, they can easily remove themselves from all the emotional aspects of a transaction and mainly because they are skilled. It is usually part of their job description. Useful real estate agents are not messengers who deliver seller’s offers to buyers and vice versa. These a professionals who have been trained to show their client’s case in a good way and agree to hold all their client information confidential from any competing parties.

8. Dealing With Your Volumes of Paperwork

Gone are the days when single-page receipts prevailed the real estate buying and selling market. In the modern-day real estate arena, purchase agreements could run for ten pages or even more. And surprisingly, this does not include the state and federal-mandated disclosures or the disclosures dictated by the local authorities. A majority of real estate files now average thicknesses from as small as one inch to three inches of paperwork. The slightest mistake or tiniest omission could cost you thousands of dollars or land you in court.

9. Respond to Questions After Closing

However smooth a transaction closes even without the slightest of complications, some could still come to haunt you. For instance, tax authorities which collect transfer tax, doc stamps or property tax assessments could fall months behind and end up mixing up with invoices. If you had worked with a realtor, however, a call to this professional could align all the confusion. Numerous questions could pop up which were probably ignored in the excitement of closure. Good realtors are always in standby to help.

Mediterra Naples Florida: Everything You Need To Know

Mediterra Naples Florida is an award-winning luxury home community. Their motto, “have it all” says everything you need to know about this one of a kind community that brings together top of the line home quality, unmatched access to the Gulf of Mexico, a thousand acres of green spaces and trails and a world-class membership club; all in the 1695 acres of land covered.

Read on to find out more about this exceptional community built by London Bay Homes in North Naples.

Mediterra Neighborhoods

The community brings together many neighborhoods made up of custom luxury homes that feature a similar design and architectural theme. To ensure that every homeowner ends up with a home that is designed to fit their personal preferences to the tee, the builder offers fully-customizable estate and luxury villa floor plans.

Here’s a brief description of all Mediterra neighborhoods.


This neighborhood, made up of 15 luxury villas, is designed to be in perfect unity with the surrounding natural spaces. Each villa offers impressive views of the surrounding nature preserves and lakes that feature fountains. The homes are also within walking distance of the Parterre Garden where you can enjoy the relaxing effect of a reflecting pond and formal gardens from the strategic sitting areas.


Just a stone’s throw from the Patere Garden you will find the Cabreo neighborhood. This part of the community features maintenance-free single family villas. The villas are designed to embody a rustic Mediterranean style, with cobble style paved driveways, grand entrances, and ornate stone details. Interior design features inside each villa include tall ceilings, interior arches, and open floor plans among others.


Planned to include 71 units at build-out, Lucarno is made up of two story single family villas. The neighborhood whose entry sequence includes the Patere Garden is designed to combine the intimacy of the Old World with the generous nature of Naples.


This neighborhood features 36 lakefront estate homes, with awe-inspiring views of the lake and adjacent nature preserve. Each one of the Mediterranean style homes features fully customizable architectural and floor plan designs.


Cortile is inspired by Mediterranean style village architecture. The neighborhood, at build-out, will feature a total of 46 single family villa homes. One of its most endearing qualities is the fact that it’s relatively close to the most exciting Mediterra amenities.

Il Core

This exceptional neighborhood is designed to accommodate two grand estate homes. Considered to be one of the best and most luxurious estate sites in the surrounding area, it is designed for homeowners who place a lot of value on freedom and privacy.

The luxury and appeal of Mediterra do not end with its impressively distinct neighborhoods. The community also features a variety of fun, exciting and relaxing amenities, as described below.

Mediterra Clubhouse

The Club at Mediterra is perhaps the community’s shining gem. Considered to the heart of the community, the club caters to all residents in an exceptional way. Whether you are there for casual or fine dining, you will be amazed at the personal level of service on offer.

For fine dining, head over to the Grille Room, where gourmet sandwiches, seasonal salads, delicious soups and a host of healthy and mouthwatering cuisine is on offer.

The Tavern, on the other hand, is designed to cater to your every casual dining need with open-air grilled entrées, seasonal salads, and brick oven pizzas are on offer.

Members are also welcome to enjoy the club’s varied offering of events throughout the year.

Golf Club

Mediterra is home to two championship golf courses designed by Tom Fazio; ranked among the 50 top golf communities in the country by the Golf Digest. To ensure that paying a round of golf on these world-class courses is nothing but rewarding, frustrating and exciting, they have been designed to fit into the surrounding landscape which is made up of wetlands, lakes and nature preserves.

Members of the Mediterra golf program also have access to the Golf Learning Center, where they can find out everything they need to sharpen their game.

Although there is a one year waiting period for those who would like to join the program, some spots have been reserved for new homeowners.

Beach Club

As previously stated, Mediterra offers homeowners access to the Gulf Of Mexico. Members of the Mediterra Beach Club have access to a 200 feet stretch of private shoreline right off the Gulf; where they can enjoy some sunshine or spend their time collecting shells right off the sand.

Members can enjoy casual indoor or outdoor dining at the Beach Club, swimming or soaking up the sun in the elevated pool all while being served by highly professional and friendly staff members. The club’s valet service for all sorts of beach supplies ensures that members also get to enjoy their time regardless of whether they brought the necessary supplies or not.

Lush Open Spaces

This community is nothing short of paradise when you factor in the lush open spaces made up of parks, trails, and gardens. As previously stated, more than a thousand acres of the community is covered by lakes and nature preserves.

Homeowners have the liberty to enjoy their time relaxing in any of the three parks in the community; these parks feature play areas for kids, formal gardens and wetlands among others. Those looking to enjoy their surroundings while boosting their fitness are welcome to jog around the 8 miles of trails around the community.

Considering all the above information, you can see why properties in Mediterra has risen to become one of the most highly recognized communities in the country. The impressive architecture of the homes built to the highest quality by one of the most respected builders; expansive outdoor spaces featuring nature preserves, trails and lakes; world-class golf courses, beach club, and the exceptional clubhouse make for a strong case.

Simply put, Mediterra Naples, Florida is a one of a kind community, which has the awards to prove it. If you wish to know more or live in this community, Contact a reliable Mediterra real estate agent now.

All You Need To Know About Mediterra Real Estate

Mediterra is real estate that has been landscaped in the style that reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside. This outstanding gated-community offers maintenance-free villas, luxury estate-homes, and many home sites dedicated to the buyers that prefer starting from scratch. The Mediterra homes are all centered around two magnificent championship golf-courses which were designed by Tom Fazio. The residents in this stunning community enjoy an exclusive lifestyle that is rated as one of the best that Southwest Florida has to offer.

Mediterra Neighborhood and Community Information

Mediterra is described as an exquisite member-owned, sought after, golf-resort community that spans over 1,647 acres. 1,000 acres of this land is dedicated to open spaces and lush landscapes, forest preserves, lakes of crystal-blue waters and well-designed parks, which all blend seamlessly together located in Collier County to the north of Immokalee Road, west of Interstate 75 and east of US 41.

The mixture of elaborate views over the tropical landscaping, well-maintained golf-courses, fresh-water lakes, and protected forest preserves, makes Mediterra real-estate a trend-setting and lush area, that singles, families, couples, and retirees are proud to call their home.

Investing in Mediterra homes for sale offers you the opportunity to enjoy white pristine sandy beaches, fine dining, artistic venues, cultural arts and music events held at the Naples Philharmonic and The Baker Museum. Popular shopping destinations include The Village on Venetian Bay along with The Waterside Shops. This one-of-a-kind, conveniently located golf-resort community has embraced 5-star hotel like resort accommodations, along with excellent medical facilities, hospitals, and schools. Only a short drive away from downtown Naples, Mediterra is a community that is ranked as a highly prestigious neighborhood and maintains its eloquent statement that includes extremely well-designed luxury houses.

The homes for sale in Mediterra include the following areas:

– Amarone

– Benvenuto

– Bello Lago

– Bellezza

– Cabreo

– Buonasera

– Cellini

– Celebrita

– Felicita

– Cortile Il Trebbio at Mediterra

– Il Corsini

– Marcello

– Lucarno

– Naples Plan Tier

– Milan

– Positano

– Padova

– Serato

– Ravello

– Teramo

– Savona

– Verona

– Terazza

– Villoresi

– Villalago

Condos For Sale In Mediterra:

– Calabria

– Brendisi

– Porta Vecchio

– Monterosso

The Mediterra Golf And Country Club

Real estate in Mediterra is eclectic and highly diverse. The Mediterra golf-course is a gated and distinctive private golf-resort that offers luxury and unique Mediterra upscale residences, along with a range of dining options, fitness and wellness activities, social events, two outstanding golf courses, and tennis.

The two golf courses include the North Course and the South Course.

1. The North Course

Designed by Tom Fazio, this beautiful 18-hole course features unique areas along with amazing sand-traps. Secrets to playing this course will require attuned accuracy and patience along the narrow fairways. However, approach shots are a bit more lenient when compared to the South Course.

Bonus features about this course include the outstanding views over well-maintained and natural landscaping along with ornamental plants. Many residents are known for just using a golf-cart to ride around and take in the outstanding scenery.

2. The South Course

Another 18-hole course designed by Tom Fazio. Unlike the North Course, this course is well-known for its falling and rising elevations, approach shots, and the lush rolling fairways. This course also provides stunning views of the naturally preserved areas along with towering pine and oak trees.

The key benefits associated with both these courses is a limited membership that involves only 225-members per session, which guarantees ample availability during tee times. The double-sided driving range, the three well-manicured green, a golf-ball enclosed hitting the field that offers video playbacks, where you can practice are all on offer to inspire you.

The main focal point of Mediterra Real Estate would have to the Piazza in the middle of this estate. The moving walkways imitate an Italian Mediterranean garden that meanders through the club. A short walk away from The Piazza you will find the outstanding 25,000 square-foot Mediterra Clubhouse.

This is a unique facility that includes the Bocce Garden, Sports Club, and The Wellness Center. The Clubhouse provides fine dining along with a number of beverage and food outlets like the Tavern on 18, The Lounge, The Events Dining Room and The Grille Room. At The Sports Club, members are offered exclusive access to a state-of-the-art fitness center that provides professional trainers and staff, a number of different workouts which include Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and Aerobics. The luxurious spa along with the resort-style pool, 7 Har-Tru tennis courts along with certified and well-trained staff compliment the expansive Mediterra Clubhouse.

The Mediterra club offers three distinctive memberships which include: The Golf Membership, Private Sports and Beach Membership and The Social Membership. To obtain any of these memberships, you will need to live on the estate. Any owner that wants to become a member has to submit applications that are subject to up to 6 to 12-months for the approval process. Some of the memberships come with activation fees that will need to be paid before applying.

Membership Fees

The membership fees need to be verified before execution of a sales contract as they are all subject-to-change.

Membership Information:

– Full Golf Membership Fee: $100,000

– Social Membership Fee: $30,000

– Food And Beverage: $1,200

– Maximum Members: 450

– Number Of Homes In The Community: 860

Price Ranges For Mediterra Real Estate

– Single Family Homes: $900,000 to $6,500,000

– Condos: $500,000 to $670,000

If you are interested in buying a home in this beautiful estate, there are a number of realtors that specialize in properties on this estate. You can schedule your private viewings for many real-estate listings. You can also use a professional realtor to research on your behalf when you let them know about your specific search criteria. Make sure you give your realtor specific information on the type of home you are interested in that will match up to your and your families needs.